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There are two actors on a network
 people and machines. 

Each year, organizations spend billions protecting their usernames and passwords but almost nothing protecting their machine identities, which secure machine-to-machine communication.

Are you taking an active role in protecting your keys and certificates?

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Secure DevOps application development with policy-enforced certificate issuance and deployment.

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// Are your DevOps teams bypassing security?

Ignoring security in DevOps ultimately increases costs by exposing the entire IT infrastructure to expensive audit findings, application downtime, and even data breaches. Start automating machine identity protection by incorporating trusted certificates from leading certificate authorities into DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

Integrate policy-enforced certificates into DevOps CI/CD pipelines, automatically

Standardize and automate the procurement and installation of trusted digital certificates to support digital transformation without compromising machine identity security.

Continuously monitor DevOps certificates for security and availability

  • Prevent outages with automated certificate renewal and expiry alerts 
  • Understand certificate usage by DevOps team, application, and environment 
  • Audit compliance using a centralized certificate inventory 

Enforce usage of trusted certificates from leading certificate authorities

  • Enforce customized enterprise security policies by DevOps environment 
  • Use GlobalSign and DigiCert certificates to secure modern infrastructure
  • Create policies based on flexible attributes, such as key length and hash algorithm

Speed up development with programmatic certificate life cycle management

  • Automate provisioning with our DevOps tool integrations (e.g. Kubernetes, Vault, Terraform)
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals as part of your CI/CD pipeline
  • Get recipes and sample code to speed implementation

Improve security posture by securing infrastructure as it is spun up

  • Scale certificate needs for CI/CD pipelines
  • Secure modern infrastructure including containers 
  • Enable end-to-end encryption for PCI-DSS compliance

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